Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tests for Pregnant Women

1. Ultrasound / Obstetric Sonography
- used to visualize a fetus during routine and emergency prenatal care.First trimester ultrasound is often done using a vaginal approach. Pelvic ultrasound is used during second and third trimester.

Obstetric ultrasound is primarily used to:

* Date the pregnancy (gestational age)
* Confirm fetal viability
* Determine location of fetus, intrauterine vs ectopic
* Check the location of the placenta in relation to the cervix
* Check for the number of fetuses (multiple pregnancy)
* Check for major physical abnormalities.
* Assess fetal growth (for evidence of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR))
* Check for fetal movement and heartbeat. (biophysical)
* Determine the sex of the baby

2. Urinalysis
- reveal diseases that have gone unnoticed because they do not produce striking signs or symptoms. Example is Urinary tract infections for pregnant women.

- Physical (color, reaction, transparency, quantity, specific gravity); Chemical (albumin and sugar); Casts; Crystals; Microscopic (Pus cells red blood cells and epithelial cells) and Bacteria are being checked.

3. HBsAG (Hepatitis B surface Antigen)
- A test used to determine if pregnant woman is infected with hepatitis B.
- Negative value is 0.002 and positive value is 3.148

4. Blood Test / Hematology
- To know the blood / Rh type
- For hematology, the following are being checked:
* Leukocyte 5.0-10.0
* Erythrocytes 4.2 – 5.4
* Hemoglobin 11.0 – 15.0
* Hematocrit 37.0 – 47.0
* Thrombocyte 150 – 450
--- Neutrophil 50.00 – 70.00
--- Lymphocyte (P) 20.0 – 40.0
--- Monocyte (P) 0.0 – 7.0
--- Eosinophils (P) 0.00 – 5.00
--- Basophils (P) 0.00 – 1.00

5. Glucose Challenge Test (GCT)
- Blood test used to screen women for diabetes during pregnancy. The test evaluates the body’s ability to metabolize glucose (blood sugar). The test is usually ordered between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy, sometimes earlier.Blood is drawn one hour after the patient drinks a sugary solution. 0 – 140 mg/dL is the normal range.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BaBy ShOwEr

Last June 7, 2009; our baby shower was held in Las PiƱas City, Philippines. I only had 1 week preparation for this event. The original plan was to do it July 4 or 5 but I made it earlier because I might not be able to do it by July and the emcee of the event might be busy by then. This wouldn’t be successful without the help of my friend, Joan and of course my husband, Naj. I’m so thankful because the guests participated and had fun that day.

The games and winners are:

1. Human Bingo - Bona
2. Mommy’s Tummy – Zig, Puma, and Justin
3. Q&A (How well do you know these couple?) – Group I (Shaider, Rhod, Puma, Justin and Kirby)
4. Baby Top 40. – Girls (Aika, Raine, Alie, Bona, Deng and Lyne)

I have registered the baby shower at Baby Co., SM Department Store – Southmall so my friends can get 10% discount on the gifts they will be buying for my little one.

I would like to thank the following for coming, for the messages and for the gifts:

TL Gelo – thermometer
Puma – stroller
Rhod – comforter
Bona & Kwek – baby wipes & photo album
Mhei & Migz – baby bath gift set
Deng – sterilizer
Joan – baby’s necessities, diaper clips, socks and shoes
Aika – baby bottle gift set
Vlad – baby wipes & diaper
Justin – diaper bag
Dennis – diaper bag
Zig & Alesx – bath foam, shoes & mosquito net
Jeff - high chair
Marvi - Php500 cash

Thanks guys for making it meaningful. Thanks for wishing upon our little angel, Baby Jula Sophia Padit Asne.

- sannah & naj