Wednesday, November 24, 2010


BABY TALK is define as imperfect speech or phonetically modified form used by small children learning to talk.

Jula at 16 months can say more than 10 words and can repeat words or sounds she hears. Here are her first few words.

1. Papa
2. Mama
3. mim (milk; she drinks milk twice a day, to make her sleep)
4. books ( she loves her books so much, she loves looking at the pictures, drawings, etc)
5. Bob (Spongebob, one of her favorite cartoon characters)
6. Dara (Dora; since Jula is so curious with a lot of things, I call her Jula the Explorer)
7. two, tyee (she knows how to count numbers 1-3)
8. miming ( cat )
9. ingay (noisy)
10. Amen (I always make her do the sign of the cross and she'll say Amen)
11. ink you ( thank you )
12. a-ree ( sorry )
13. daddy momee ( daddy romy, grandpa)
14. nanay twotan ( nanay susan, grandma)
15. pepa ( people )
16. pota / bas ( go somewhere else )
17. yab ( love )
18. laboo ( love you )
19. mmmmm (sounds everytime she kisses)
20. bu-bye

Aside from baby talk, Jula can also comprehend and respond like "You want milk? ask Papa, " " Get your bottle and give to Mama." and other simple commands.

I'm so proud of my little girl, my Jula Sophia.

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