Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Gift for My Sister

I already have gifts to almost all the members of my family except for my sister who is in the United States. She is a Certified Nursing Assistant and I am planning to give her scrubs set. I want to surprise her. I know that she had worked so hard on her career and she deserves a wonderful gift.

Nowadays, medical staff can wear fashionable scrubs; unlike before that they only wear simple and plain white scrubs. My sister has her own fashion statement and she likes to accessorize. I want her to look beautiful while she is on duty.

Shipment from here to the US will cost me a lot, I am thinking of sending her money before Christmas. As much as I would like to really buy the gift and personally give it to her, I cannot, we are thousand miles away from each other. She can just check where to buy medical scrubs online. She’s good at purchasing quality products and she will definitely be able to find fashionable and discounted scrubs. My sister likes to do online shopping because it is convenient, not time consuming, and will be able to compare products and prices easily. I will recommend her to check this site, http://www.blueskyscrubs.com, this site was also recommended by my friends.

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