Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fears of the Expectant Dad

I and my husband, Naj, talked about his fears since I’m almost on my last month of pregnancy. That anytime now, I will be delivering the baby to this world. Here are some of his fears:

Financial / Security Fears

He has been asking himself if he can protect or provide for his family. Before I got pregnant, his income is more than enough for the two of us but now that the baby is coming, it will definitely stretch our budget.

Fear for me and our child's health

He is worried about the postpartum syndrome, a depression that affects women after childbirth. He hopes that he can provide emotional security because I might experience dramatic emotional shifts. He’s also worried about his child’s health. He just want the baby to be healthy.

Physical Appearance of the Baby

Since he will have a baby girl, he doesn’t want his baby girl to inherit his skin color. Of course, he would like her to have a pleasant appearance.

Relationship Fear

Once the baby is born, he fears that he might and I might love the baby more than anyone. That our love for each other and our communication will be lessened since we’ll be focusing more on the baby.

I understand where my husband is coming from because as an expectant mom, I also have my own fears. I just hope that our love with each other will be strengthen for the coming our little angel, Jula.

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  1. Don't worry everything will be fine..just pray..