Wednesday, January 26, 2011


After visiting the National Museum in Quezon, Palawan; we went to Tabon Caves Complex in Lipuun Point Quezon, Palawan.

(back of Tabon Caves complex)

(front of Tabon Caves Complex facing South China Sea)

It is referred to as the "Cradle of Philippine Civilization". According to our tour guide, Tabon Cave complex has more than 200 caves but we only visited seven of them. Lots of archeological discoveries were found inside like fossil human bones (Tabon Man). The cave was a burial site or habitation of ancient people in the Philippines.

The archeological artifacts found in these caves make it an interesting destination not just for tourists but for archeologists and anthropologists as well. The Tabon Cave shows the rich heritage and history of the Philippines.

( me and my husband inside the cave)

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