Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Sannaj’s Crib

We have been canvassing for a crib that will be used by our little one once he arrives. We have visited some of the malls. We have seen different styles and different prices. The price of the cribs that we saw ranges from Php12,000.00 to Php15,000.00. Initial reaction that we had was it was beautiful but expensive. We have discussed if we’re going to buy the expensive one or will try to look for a nice but cheaper crib. Crib is one of the most important necessities. This will be used approximately 1-3 years.

After discussing what’s best for the baby and for us, we have come up with the decision that will look for a cheaper crib. Money that will be used in buying one expensive crib can be used in some of the baby’s necessities. We looked for a crib and we found one in San Isidro, Parañaque near Greenheights Village, along Sucat-Baclaran Road.

It was a standard crib, has a typical rectangular shape made of Palo china wood and has a drop down side to make it more convenient in picking up the baby. The most important thing is, it just costs Php950.00. The crib is so simple, we still have to buy mattress, accessories or decorative elements. Good thing is we have saved a lot.


  1. its good to heard of savings...luxury things is not advisable this day. important is there something to use...

    Xlinks tayo ha?

  2. sis, xlinks/exchange link means add mo yun blog site nya sa bloglist mo..click mo yun setting ng blog list mo..nasa ibaba sya..then follow the instructions..

    nwy, galing nman magagamit p ng bby mo yun gamit ni raine at riona..naalala ko 2loy ang nkraan..hehehe..