Thursday, April 16, 2009

Maternity Notification

My previous supervisor, Jhen Jason, reminded me to process my M-1, when she found out that I’m pregnant. Since this is my first pregnancy, I have asked some of my friends about it and surf the net for the answer.

Pregnant woman should notify her employer or SSS about her pregnancy to qualify for maternity leave. They must be informed about the fact that you are pregnant, expected date of the baby’s birth and the intended start date of the maternity leave. Failure to comply, you lose your right to start maternity leave on your chosen date.

Maternity Notification form, Ultrasound Report / Pregnancy Test and Obstetrical History must be submitted. When I was processing this, I had a hard time with the Obstetrical History. I have asked my OB to fill it out but was declined twice because according to them, it will only be filled out once I’ve delivered the baby. In that form, the OB will be asked the date of birth and the type of delivery. It makes sense why my OB is not filling it out. What will she write there? I’m only 22-week pregnant. But according to our Human Resources, it’s one of the requirements that being asked by SSS from them. It’s really confusing, HR is saying one thing then the OB is saying another thing, but when you check the back page of the Maternity Notification form, it’s not asking for the Obstetrical History Report. Whatever! But I have submitted the M-1 form to the HR; they will just notify me once SSS didn’t accept it.

I will just wait for the update; hopefully they will accept it so everything is good to go once I deliver my baby. Everything is new to me, it’s my first pregnancy. Good thing I have friends that will remind me on what to do, I have my mother and mother-in-law that will give me advices and I have an elder sister whom I can rely on. Thanks guys!